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One trip is required per group.

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This road trip will have you exploring the Salem witch trials, haunted history and a few iconic Hocus Pocus locations. This trip can be done throughout the year. If you're travelling during the month of October some attractions need to be pre-booked as the area gets significantly busier.

Trip Highlights

  • Each stop has a tie to the historic witch trials or a Hocus Pocus filming location
  • Cozy cafes to grab a bite
  • Head to a devilishly unique temple
  • A cemetery with a spooky story
  • Witchy artisan shops


This trip can be done any day of the week, but gets much busier during the month of October.


  • History Buffs
  • Hocus Pocus Fans
  • Photographers
  • Couples



Start just outside of town where the original Salem hysteria began. Drive time to the second stop is 15 minutes.


Get your walking shoes on! Stop by a few incredible photo op spots and pop into great local shops with a coffee in hand. Walking time to the third stop is 10 minutes.


Explore an old cemetery that is full of ghost story lore. Then head to two famous filming locations from the movie ‘Hocus Pocus.’ Walking time to the fourth stop is 8 minutes.


End your day by the seaside with some incredible photo ops and a historic cemetery. We’ve also provided four additional suggestions if you have time to continue your journey.



Can depart from

Boston Area, Providence Area

Before you go

What You'll Need to Bring

  • Bug Spray
  • Camera
  • Cash
  • Walking Shoes
  • Water
  • Reusable Shopping Bags
  • Road Trip Snacks

Additional Details

  • Accessible
  • Kid-Friendly


We're here to help!

Please see the approximate driving distances below. Please note this just includes round-trip driving distances and not time spent at stops.

  • From Boston, MA:

1 hour and 46 minutes / 50 miles

  • From Worcester, MA:

3 hours and 9 minutes / 135 miles

  • From Barnstable, MA:

4 hours / 188 miles

  • From Springfield, MA:

4 hours and 24 minutes / 224 miles

  • From Manchester, NH:

2 hours and 43 minutes / 122 miles

  • From Providence, RI:

3 hours and 23 minutes / 149 miles

  • From Hartford, CT*:

4 hours and 36 minutes / 243 miles

*We recommend booking a hotel if the driving distance is greater than 4 hours round-trip.

This trip can be done any day of the year.

Between mid-September through to November this area gets extremely busy. Some of the stops require advance reservations in October.

If you’re traveling during October and want to go inside any of the historical buildings we recommend having one person in your group read through all four stops and pre-book the attractions you’re interested in.

We recommend making this an overnight trip, and doing all of the pre-booked attractions on one day, and your Guess Where Trip the next day.

We recommend leaving anytime between 9:00 and 9:30 am. The later you leave, the less time you may have to complete all of the stops.

Note: If you’re traveling in October, we recommend departing as early as possible to ensure you get to your second stop before 8 am (so you can find parking).

Unfortunately this trip is not pet-friendly and you'll have to leave your pup at home for the day.

We recommended bringing up to 5 people on your surprise road trip.

If you're bringing a larger group, we highly recommend having one person in charge of booking reservations at restaurants and attractions in advance. Please see the previous page for a copy of the digital itinerary.

Stops two through four can easily be walked. We recommend treating this as a walking tour if that is accessible to you and if the weather allows.

Parking: Please note that parking in downtown Salem in October can be extremely difficult, and lot prices may be higher than normal. This is why we recommend ensuring you get into Salem before 8 am.

After booking your trip, we'll send you a confirmation email with a few recommended accommodation options.

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