How it Works

Our trips include a 'Before You Go' package and four surprise stops. Each stop is packed with a new destination, specific recommendations, maps, travel tips, and fun facts.

How does it work?

  • Select your trip.

    Select a day trip based on your interests and travel preferences. You can even take our quiz to help narrow down options. You can then choose between receiving a beautifully crafted package in the mail OR a PDF (digital version) of the trip which gets sent right to your inbox.

  • Get your package.

    Receive your trip in the mail within 2-6 business days, or in your inbox immediately if you select the PDF version. Each package includes a ‘Before You Go’ section or booklet that will give you just enough information to prepare for the day, without spoiling any surprises.

  • Hit the road.

    Let the adventure begin! It's time to open your First Stop envelope to see where you're off to. Once you're done exploring the first stop, it's time to open your Second Stop, and so on. This way, your day remains a surprise even after you've begun!

Our three most frequently asked questions

How many packages do I need and how many people can come with me?

You only need one package for the whole group! If you are taking more than one vehicle, we do recommend having one itinerary per vehicle.

You can also take as many people as you would like - but we recommend making dinner reservations if your group will be larger than 5 people (put someone in charge of opening the Fourth Stop envelope and making dinner reservations at a recommended location).

How do I find the right trip for my location?

You have plenty of options to narrow down the best trip for you. You can pick a location for the menu (select the city closest to you to see which trips are in your area), you can check out our Trip Map, or you can take our quiz.

On each trip page, you will also see the approximate round-trip driving distance from several towns and cities to give you an idea of how long you will be on the road. Just scroll down to the trip page's FAQ section to see this.

We recommend picking a trip with 2-3.5 hours of driving. This ensures that you aren't too far from home to make it a day trip, while still being far enough to see something new. Consider booking a hotel if your roundtrip driving distance is over 4 hours (hotel recommendations are sent in the confirmation email).

Can I do this trip any day, any time of year?

The website and the Before You Go booklet/section will let you know:

- The best days of the week to do the trip

- The best seasons to do the trip

- The recommended time of day to leave the house

It is important to stick to these general guidelines to ensure that the stops are open when you arrive.

Need to go on a day or in a season we don't recommend? Or to leave much later in the day? Be prepared for closures.

  • What's Included:

    A ‘Before You Go’ guide with a packing list, approximate driving distances and more tips to plan for your day ahead.

    A series of four stops that will make up your day’s itinerary with recommended roadside stops along the way.

    Restaurant, attractions and activity recommendations based on your trip style.

    Mailed version: includes 5 printed booklets (a Before You Go and 4 surprise stops) and shipping.

  • What's Not Included:

    Transportation and gas.

    Entrances and parking fees for some of recommended attractions (the majority of stops are free).

    Food, beverages and gratuities.

    PDF version: does not include printed booklets, itinerary is emailed

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