Travel Updates

Due to the nature of small businesses and natural attractions, some things can change in an instant. A café may decide to no longer be open on Mondays, or an off-the-map trail might suddenly be closed to the public for any number of reasons. Please be sure to check this page the morning of your trip for any updates.

Please Note:

IMPORTANT: Updates can happen at the drop of a hat - be sure to check this page the morning of your trip. As we print in batches of 50 or 100, even the most recent purchases are subject to the updates below.

We do not recommend travelling on holidays as some businesses may be closed.

If you don't see anything listed below for your trip, there are no updates to report!

For outdoor stops, please ensure you bring bug spray and sunscreen!



All the Pretty Things

First Stop: We recommend doing a quick Google of the addresses for the coffee shops on the first stop. Parking at the optional "marsh" suggestion is now $8, and this option is no longer pet friendly.

An Adventure is Brewing

We recommend doing this trip between late-May to early-October. If you are doing this trip out-of-season, please Google stops before heading over to ensure their hours are correct. Many businesses are seasonal and hours will change.

For the most updated digital version of the trip, please click here.

First Stop: The recommended parking spot for the optional trail is currently under construction, please visit this link for more parking options to access the trail.

Fourth Stop: Our "Beach House" option is no longer pet friendly.

Backroad Bliss

First Stop: There has been a slight price change at this stop. It is now $10 per Adult, $5 per Child and max $25 per Family.

Second Stop: The “grain” option is permanently closed. There are other things for you to explore at this stop!

This trip is no longer dog-friendly, and we have removed it as a winter suggestion as the winter option for stop three has gone up in price. It can still be done in the winter, you may just want to skip stop three.

Beautifully Haunted

Second Stop: Our historic "House" marketplace option is now open Tuesday - Sunday and closed only on Mondays.

Second Stop: Our "Bella" shop suggestion has unfortunately had to permanently close their storefront. There are many other options on this stop to choose from.

Third Stop: Our featured stop once had a ghost town; however, most of the buildings and traces of the town have now been removed. The stop is still beautiful to walk around, and there are ghost stories to learn about too!

Fourth stop: Our "Want to keep going? Footsole" option has closed down. We recommend many other things to do on this stop.

Brews, Bites & Everything Nice

Third stop: Our "Base Camp" option is temporarily closed. There are many other alternatives to choose from.

Bridges to Beaches

Before You Go: We recommend departing between 8 am – 9 am if you’re coming from the GTA. If you’re coming from London please leave around 9:30 am.

We have updated business hours in newer versions of this trip, if you have an older version we recommend giving businesses a quick google before heading over.

First Stop: Please note the farm option is only open from May to September.

Second Stop: The optional conservation area isn't well maintained, we recommend skipping it and opting for one of the other recommendations listed on this stop.

Third Stop: The conservation area has increased their prices (up to $20).

Butter Tart Trail

Please note: For the best experience, we recommend only doing this trip on Saturdays until Thanksgiving. If you want to take the trip on another day, please reach out to us so we can verify stop closures.

First Stop: Our main farm suggestion is open Saturday/Sunday for the market.

Second Stop: The butter tart option is open, but the "one-stop shop" optional destination is temporarily closed.

Travel Tip: We recommend leaving at 8 am if you would like more of a selection of butter tarts. They sell out fast!

This trip is no longer dog friendly. Unfortunately, you will have to leave your furry friends at home for the day!

Coastal Crawl

Third stop: Our "train station" shop option had the wrong hours. The handicraft market is open Thursday - Sunday, 10:30 am - 4:30 pm. Older copies of this trip will have incorrect information.

Country Farms & Furry Friends

Before You Go: Your fourth stop must be booked in advance prior to heading out on your trip. If the QR code in your booklet isn't working, please follow the link here to book.

First Stop: Our "organic" option no longer has animals for viewing/feeding. We have another suggestion with a few furry-friends.

Second Stop: If you purchased an itinerary prior to October 2022, the aviary suggestion is no longer open to visitors. There is a fabulous alternative listed in the booklet which we know you'll love!

*Please note that you are not allowed to feed the birds at this stop!

Fourth Stop: The price of the farm has increased, you will see the correct price when you follow the link to book your time.

Escape to Nature

While you can take this trip on a Sunday, please note that a few of our options on stop #3 will be closed.

Fourth Stop: Our "Hill" brewery recommendation has hours that change seasonally. We suggest giving them a quick Google before heading over to confirm if they are open.

The Fairy Tale Trail

Third Stop: The playground at our "Pier" option is currently under construction.

Flora, Fauna & Farms

First Stop: Unfortunately our main suggestion is closed until further notice after a fire. There are still two cafe recommendations to start your day.

Third Stop: Our doughnut recommendation is moving locations and is no longer avaialbe. There are other things for you to choose from.

From Country to Coast

*Please note: while you can still do this trip on a Sunday, please pack extra road trip snacks!

Stop 1: Our coffee suggestion is now closed on Sundays for the summer. If you're travelling on a Sunday between May - August, please pack extra road trip snacks as there won't be any food stops available until stop #3.

Funky Florals & Fine Wines

Third Stop: Our "Butterfly" option has seasonal hours. They typically close at 5pm, but please Google ahead of your visit to see their updated hours.

Fourth Stop: We recommend Googling the restaurant suggestions to confirm their hours of operation before choosing one.

Hidden Hideaways

First Stop: Unfortunately the bridge we mention is now private property. Please only visit our adorable cafe suggestion before heading to your second stop.

Hidden Gems of Huronia

Third Stop: Our "Bazaar" shop suggestion has now offered Guess Where Trip travelers an exclusive bonus! Show your GWT trip itinerary and receive a small "Ghoulish Grab Bag" of goodies!

Historic Haunts

Second Stop: Our "featured stop" hours have changed slightly to Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm / Sunday, 12 pm - 4 pm.

Second Stop: There is a bit of construction around our optional stop. It might be easier to skip this and head to our other suggestion on the second stop (another haunted site). If you don't mind the gates around the ruins, it is only a 2-minute walk down the road from the other suggestion.

Fourth Stop: The museum has changed their weekend hours to 11:30 am - 4 pm.

Hops, Hikes & History

This trip was updated April 15th, 2024 due to the closure of one of the breweries. If you purchased this trip before this date, please scan the QR code on page 5 of your "Before You Go" booklet to get the most up-to-date digital version of the trip, or send us an email and we will send you the updated PDF version of this trip.

First Stop: Our "Mill Cafe" option is now open Monday - Saturday from 10 am - 3 pm. (updated as of May 21, 2024)

Third stop: Our "river" brewery is permanently closed. Please scan the QR code on page 5 of the "Before You Go" booklet to see the most up-to-date version of this trip and stops 3 and 4 have been completely re-jigged.

Island Gems

We have recently updated this trip. While the stops remain largely unchanged, the order of your day is slightly different. Please send us an email with your order number if you have purchased this trip before May 2023 for an updated digital copy.

For newer itineraries:

First Stop: The community garden/orchard is closed.

Third Stop: The labyrinth is no longer accessible to the public.

Fourth Stop: Our "branch" recommendation is no longer offering an incentive.

Local Markets & Picturesque Towns

We now recommend that this trip is taken Wednesday-Saturday. Taking it on other days may results in fewer options to choose from.

A note on dog-friendliness ... we have decided that this trip is no longer pup-friendly. While there are a handful of outdoor activities that would work, the essence of the trip is small eateries, markets and local shops - where dogs are not able to go.

Third Stop: There is some construction going on around the small town on stop #3. Please be patient as drive times may be a bit longer, and it may be a bit more difficult to find parking.

Fourth Stop: The museum has changed their weekend hours to 11:30 am - 4 pm.

The Long & Unknown Road

Business hours change seasonally; we recommend Googling them before heading over.

First Stop: The "Saskatoon" option is now closed on Mondays.

Second Stop: The brewery option is now closed on Mondays.

Fourth Stop: The brewery option is now closed on Wednesdays.

Our "Sentimental" option is permanently closed. We have replaced it with this cute cafe!

Markets to Mountains

Please note: This trip is no longer considered dog-friendly. There are options where you can bring your pup on stops 2-4, but not on Stop 1.

First stop: The "on-the-way" coffee stop for London is now permanently closed. Please use the on-the-way stop options from Toronto instead.

Fourth stop: Our "Carbon" restaurant suggestion has permanently closed. We've provided many alternative spots to eat, or check out the amazing Greek restaurant that has moved in to replace it!

Muskoka Meandering

Stop Two: Please Google the park to verify that you have the correct address. It should be a short drive from your first stop.

Stop Three: The brewery address is listed wrong - it should be 4651 Southwood Rd

Outdoor Adventures & Scenic Roads

Many suggestions on this trip have seasonal winter hours, so please Google or give them a call before heading over.

First Stop: When visiting our "ghost town" stop, please do not trespass on private property! The home located between the school and the church is occupied.

First Stop: Our "featured stop" suggestion's main street is currently under construction. Please be patient as you find parking here; you are still able to walk around to all of the shops and cafes that we suggest.

Second Stop: We recommend doing both the optional "shop" suggestion as well as the featured "trail" suggestion.

Third Stop: Unfortunately the winery and art gallery are now permanently closed. As mentioned above, we recommend doing both suggestions on stop two. You can still visit our additional "other local gems" on this stop, and there is this cute farm market nearby too! Newer versions of this trip will already have these updates reflected.

Fourth Stop: Our "cheese" recommendation has changed their incentive. Please ask when in store.

Quintessential Quebec

Unfortunately we no longer recommend this trip during the winter. We recommend bringing a credit card for parking.

Please wait until after the Victoria Day weekend in May.

First Stop: We recommend parking in Lot 6 for easiest access.

Second Stop: The address for the "on the way" stop is incorrect, please google the business name rather than the printed address to find the correct location (205 King St E)

Third Stop: Our optional farm suggestion no longer requires advance reservation! Self-guided tours are free during their open hours (Sunday, 11 am - 4pm). If you like animals, we highly recommend taking this trip on a Sunday.

Some find the incline on the Featured Stop trail to be very steep; please be mindful of this before tackling the trail.

Fourth Stop: The final "colourful cafe" listed is temporarily closed.

Quirky Adventures (Ottawa)

Note for purchases made prior to Aug 20, 2023: there are limited lunch options available, we recommend packing a lunch or snacks to get you through the fun day ahead!

Third Stop: Please note, due to a fire the "sisterz" recommendation is no longer in business. We recommend checking out this lunch spot instead.

This trip is best done between May-October; however, you can still have a fabulous winter trip! Just note that some businesses will be closed or have differnet hours.

Quirky Gems (Calgary)

We now recommend this trip Thurs-Sun as several stops are now closed on Wednesdays.

Third Stop: Merv's is now closed, but we have recommended other places to check out.

For trips purchased prior to March 2023:

Second Stop: The honey option has unfortunately closed its doors for good (as of February 8, 2023). A natural phenomenon is recommended in the booklet instead.

Fourth Stop: The Beef Shack has closed this location, but we have recommended plenty of other things to do on this stop. As well, Preserved YYC is now closed, but it was located in a quaint plaza with tons of shops to explore instead!

Riverside Roaming

A few business hours have changed on this trip, we recommend giving your picks a quick Google before heading over.

Consider bringing a cooler along in case you do any shopping for fresh produce along the way!

First Stop: The "fizz" option will be closing for good October 1. There are plenty of other options to see on this stop!

Fourth Stop: We no longer recommend the sculpture garden. Please choose from our dinner and brewery recommendations!

Fourth Stop: Our on-the-way-out-of-town "tower" suggestion is unfortunately no longer available. Please skip this stop and opt for our main recommendations in town.

Rural Adventures

Third stop: The map in older versions of this trip is incorrect. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please Google the business addresses for the correct location.

The "Collective" shop suggestion is now permanently closed. We have replaced it with this funky store option!

Secrets on the Scenic Route

Second stop: Our "Zephyr" option is permanently closed. We've replaced it with this funky donut shop! And there are several other options to choose from as well.

Fourth stop: Our "Gone" eatery is permanently closed. We've replaced it with this cafe option, but there are many other recommendations as well.

Secrets in the South

Third Stop: Unfortunately, our winery option has permanently closed down (as of mid-June 2024). We have replaced it with this alternative option in the area.

Fourth Stop: A new restaurant opened up in town, so we added it to our trip! Check it out if you want a different option.

The Small Town Charm Trail

Second Stop: Our "Castle" option is open seasonally from April until early January. There has been a slight increase in admission since 2023.

Southern Express

*Please note: This trip takes place entirely in Canada. If you are coming from the USA, please don't forget to bring your passport!

Fourth Stop: Many of the winery suggestions have just changed their hours for spring/summer. Please give them a quick Google before heading over to make sure you have the most up-to-date hours available.

Fourth Stop: The address for our "Transportation" option is incorrect in older trip printings. Please use this address.

Spooky Sights & Ghostly Tales

Second Stop: There is an increased security presence at one of our haunted suggestions, so please ensure you are only using this as a drive-by if you are able to visit. There is a cafe to visit as well.

If you purchased a trip prior to September, 2023: Unfortunately, the mysterious shop on this stop is now closed.

If you purchased a trip prior to September, 2023: the clue on this stop is no longer visible, but you can find the answer to it in the 3rd stop booklet

Fourth Stop: Our "Rejected Love" Ruins suggestion IS open dawn-dusk, daily. There is an entrance and an exit to the gated parking lot so please be sure you're pulling into the correct spot. The trailhead starts to the right of where you've parked. There are signs pointing you in the right direction!

Vistas & Caves

While you can take this trip on a Sunday, please note that a few of our options on stop #3 will be closed.

First stop: Our "Common" store option is permanently closed. We've provided alternative options.

Third stop: The address listed for the "motel" option is incorrect. Please click here for the correct location.

Travel Tip: The third and fourth stops may have limited cell phone reception. Please ensure you have a screenshot or have a map downloaded when leaving the second stop.

Taste of the Country

We no longer recommend this trip in January/February. This trip is best done between late-March - December.

First stop: Both of our farm options on stop #1 are closed until March. If you plan to travel in March/April, please Google before heading over to double check their hours.

Fourth Stop: One of our cider recommendations is now closed until March 1st. We do not recommend taking this trip until March - December.

Views & Secret Stops

First Stop: Unfortunately, our featured stop is currently closed for repairs/construction (as of April 2024). Please check this website if you'd like to confirm whether construction has been completed. We've provided an optional coffee stop and photo op that you can enjoy instead.

The Waterfall Route

*The waterfalls are best when there has been recent rainfall. In dryer months, you may not see the waterfalls at their most majestic*

We no longer recommend taking this trip on a Sunday as the on the way pit-stop of stop #1 closed. You can still take it on a Sunday if you wish, you will just have fewer options on this stop (grab breakfast before you head out the door!). **This trip is best done Thursday - Saturday between the months of April - October.

Third Stop: Our “general store” and "bicycle" options are now closed. If you're hungry for a full lunch, check out this funky burger joint! Or, there are plenty of places to choose from on your Fourth Stop if you're still hungry.

Travel Tip: Depending on the day you decide to head out, our restaurant suggestions are not available between Monday - Wednesday. Please make sure you pack lots of road trip snacks or a picnic to get you through your adventure.

Waterfront Wonders

First Stop: The first stop provides you with a few recommended attractions. Please be aware of ticks if you choose to hike on any of the trails.

Second Stop: The seasonal farm address is 25504 Talbot Line (not 25292). Open mid-July to September.

Third Stop: The entrance fee to the third stop is $18 instead of $12.50. Please bring your bathing suit and beach stuff if it’s a nice day!

Fourth Stop: Some hours have changed, please give your choices a quick google before heading over.

Weird and Wonderful Things

First Stop: The restaurant at the haunted inn no longer serves lunch, and now opens at 5pm.

First Stop: Our "Kitchen" suggestion is closing their storefront as of Feb. 19th, 2024. We've recommended two alternative options instead, including this cute tea shop.

Third Stop: Our BBQ recommendation has moved and is no longer available for the third stop. We recommend Googling their new address and heading over for dinner on the way home.

The Whimsical Route

First Stop: If you purchased this trip before January 2024, the address for "Option #2" is incorrect. Please find the right spot HERE. or Google before heading over.

Fourth Stop: The “Country Store” on your fourth stop is only open spring to summer (closed fall to winter).

Fourth Stop: The "Want to keep going?" lavender option is unfortunately closed to the public as of this year (2024). We've provided many other options to enjoy on this stop!

Wine Time & Hidden Gems

As this trip takes place in a very seasonal area, business hours changed often. We recommend giving your choices a quick google before heading over to them.

First Stop: When visiting our "ghost town" stop, please do not trespass on private property! The home located between the school and the church is occupied.

Second Stop: Our provincial park suggestion no longer requires reservations, however, the line-up to get in has been quite long recently. We suggest another great park nearby if it's busy!

Our farm suggestion is closed, but the digital version has a new suggestion.

Fourth Stop: The antique shop is now permanently closed. Many other suggestions are included in the booklet.



A Little Bit of Everything

We now recommend this trip Thursday - Saturday. You may go on a Sunday, however there will be a few closures.

Second Stop:
Guess Where Trips strives to recommend establishments that are welcoming to all. Because of this, we no longer recommend the antique shop on stop two as their values do not align with our own.

Please scan the QR code on page 5 of the "Before You Go" booklet to see an updated digital version of your trip which includes added suggestions for stop #2.

Along the River

Second stop: Our "winery" suggestion is now open Saturday, 2 pm - 6 pm and Sunday, 12 pm - 6 pm. They are also open by appointment. If you're traveling on a different day, give them a call to see if someone is there to show you around! 215-769-9184

Coastal Connection

First stop: The donut shop has unfortunately permanently closed as of Jan. 1, 2024. We've replaced it with this other fantastic local eatery!

Coffee, Canyons & Coastlines

Third Stop: Our "Taphouse" option has unfortunately permanently closed. We have replaced it with this fantastic cafe/restaurant nearby.

Enchanted Adventures

This trip is best done between April - December.

Second Stop: Our featured farm stop is closed for the months of January - March.

Third Stop: One optional farm stop is open between April - October.

Film & Food Crawl

Second Stop: Our "day" cafe option is now closed. There are other recommendations for you to explore.

Fourth Stop:
The address for the old jail is incorrect; please use this location instead.

Hudson River Hideaways

Third stop: Our "Hils" cafe option has permanently closed as of Sept. 3, 2023. We have replaced it withthis fantastic Argentinian cafe and eaterynearby!

Mysterious Gems

First Stop: Our "haunted antique shop" option is now permanently closed. You'll find several other haunted places to visit at this stop, as well as some cafe options.

Offbeat Oddities

First Stop: Please be aware that if you decide to do the historic tour of our featured stop here that you will have less time to explore stops 2-4. The grounds of the historic home can be explored at your own pace for free.

**We recommend scanning the QR code on page 5 in your "Before You Go" booklet to see the most updated version of this trip should you have any questions.

Ojai Oasis

Fourth Stop: Our "Tipple" suggestion has unfortunately closed permanently. We provide a few other options to enjoy on this stop, or check out this downtown tasting room.

Old Florida Trail

*For the most updated version of this trip, please scan the QR code on page 5 of your "Before You Go" booklet.

First Stop: Our featured stop is open Saturday mornings (8 am - 10 am) and only open afternoons during the week. Closed Sundays. Best visited on a Saturday, or on your way home if you are traveling during the week.

Picture Perfect Discoveries

*Please note that we do not recommend doing this trip on a Sunday or Monday.

*A few of our suggestions have had small hours changes, so we recommend Googling the businesses before heading over, or scan page 5 of your "Before You Go" booklet for the most up-to-date digital version of this trip.

Second Stop: Our cafe option is now closed on Mondays, Current hours are: Tuesday - Friday, 6:30 am - 2:30 pm / Saturday, 8 am - 12 pm

Quaint Corners

Third Stop: The address for our featured stop is incorrect. Please use this location instead.

Fourth Stop: Our featured stop requires a parking fee of $5, charged on the honor system.

The Road to Asheville

First stop: To explore our featured stop suggestion, please park at our listed address and just explore the grounds of the buildings. Stay on sidewalks, and please do not trespass onto any private property.

First stop: Our "donut" suggestion has permanently closed. We provide an alternative option, or check out this fun cafe inside the local general store!

Sandhills Sauntering

This trip is now recommended Thursday - Sunday. Note that one cafe option and one park option are closed on Sundays. We provide alternative options on these stops.

Third Stop: Our lunch recommendation is only open Thursday - Sunday.

Secrets of Gettysburg

*Travel tip: Park roads on the southern portion of the battlefield will be repaved. This four-month project will address road surfaces that are at the end of their lifespan. This means that there may be some road closures, depending on the day. Please be patient, and you may have to skip a stop of two if the roads are closed for paving.

First stop: Our "Museum" option is now on their winter hours and are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

The Shore Explorer

Fourth stop: The address for our "Portland" option is incorrect in older versions of this trip. Click here for the correct location, or please Google the name of the stop to get the right location.

South Bay Secrets

Third Stop: Due to landslide damage, our on-the-way "Chapel" suggestion is temporarily closed. As well, our featured stop is currently fenced off, so you can still go there but cannot get up close to for photos.

Tastes & Trails of Malibu

Unfortunately due to the recent landslides in the area a number of significant stops are completely closed.

We recommend waiting to take this trip until the Malibu area is cleared and restored from the natural event.

Tiny Town Tour

First Stop: Our "Pastry Shop" suggestion has permanently close its doors as of Dec. 30, 2023. We've provided an alternative option for breakfast, linked here.

Second Stop: The "Inn & Tavern" suggestion is no longer open for lunch. Their new hours are Thursday - Tuesday, 4:30 pm - 8 pm. They are closed on Wednesdays.

Second Stop: The address for our "Brewing" suggestion is incorrect if bought before November 2023. Please Google the business to receive correct information!

Third Stop: The "Hunter's" option is now closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Third Stop: The "Blue" restaurant option is undergoing some renovations, so their main door is currently closed. They are operating hot food orders out of their side door though, so you can still order takeaway!

Treasure Coast Explorer

Due to changes in business hours, we now recommend this trip only from Thursday - Sunday.

First Stop: Our "dune" cafe option is now only open from Thursday - Sunday. As well, the "bathtub" option is currently closed for restructuring (as of Dec. 2023).

Fourth Stop: Our "botanical garden" option is only open Tuesday - Sunday, and closed on Mondays.

Wacky Wonders

First Stop: The "Alabaster" option is permanently closed. We've provided another cafe option for you linked here. (Open Friday - Monday)

Second Stop: Our "cowboy" option has closed. The real highlight is our featured stop though, which is still open!

Fourth Stop: Our "donut" option is temporarily closed. We've provided several alternatives.

Whimsical Wonders

Fourth stop: Unfortunately, our "Estate" winery is now permanently closed. We offer a different winery suggestion, as well as many other options.

Winding Roads & Historic Gems

Third Stop: We no longer recommend the "Stoneybrook" farm option on this stop. Please visit one of the other three recommendations.