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Tiny Town Tour

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One trip is required per group.

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Meander along scenic roads while stumbling upon charming tiny towns! This trip has endless photo opportunities, easy outdoor adventures, and plenty of fantastic spots to shop, drink and eat.

Trip Highlights

  • Tons of photo-worthy historic spots
  • Epic local eateries & food shops
  • Easy road tripping
  • Charming small towns to explore
  • A few unique wineries and breweries (optional)


This trip can be done any day throughout the year.


  • Leisurely road trippers
  • Foodies
  • History Buffs



With picturesque historic buildings, tasty spots for treats and a little waterfall, this stop has a bit of everything to start your day. Drive time to the second stop is 10 minutes.


An 18th century town with the most charming main street awaits. We've recommended our favorite spots for a bite, browse or brew. Drive time to the third stop is 7 minutes.


Get your cameras out! It's time for a scenic stroll to a picturesque part of Civil War history. Drive time to the fourth stop is 15 minutes.


A couple easy outdoor adventures with vast views, or a hidden gem hamlet with a few funky shops. Choose one or two to end the day your way!



Can depart from

Washington DC Area, Baltimore Area

Before you go

What You'll Need to Bring

  • Cash
  • Camera
  • An Ice Pack and Cooler
  • Walking Shoes
  • Reusable Shopping Bags
  • Road Trip Snacks
  • Sunscreen (lots of easy outdoor activities)

Additional Details

  • Dog-Friendly


We're here to help!

Please see the approximate driving distances below. Please note this just includes round-trip driving distances and not time spent at stops.

From Washington:

2 hours and 45 minutes / 136 miles

From Baltimore:

3 hours and 50 minutes / 198 miles

From Fredericksburg:

3 hours and 20 minutes / 158 miles

From Harper's Ferry:

2 hours and 5 minutes / 89 miles

From Dale City:

2 hours and 48 minutes / 122 miles

From Harrisonburg*:

4 hours and 18 minutes / 247 miles

*We recommend booking an overnight hotel if the driving distance is greater than 4 hours round-trip.

This trip can be done any day throughout the year. There are a couple optional suggestions that are closed Sunday - Tuesday.

We recommend leaving anytime between 10:00 and 10:30 am. If you are leaving from the Baltimore area, we recommend leaving between 9:30 and 10:00 am.

This trip is pet-friendly! At every stop there will be at least one option for you to explore with your furry friend.

We recommended bringing up to 5 people on your surprise road trip.

If you're bringing a larger group, we highly recommend having one person in charge of booking reservations at the restaurants and attractions in advance. In your confirmation email, you'll receive a copy of the itinerary.

First Stop: No fee

Second Stop: No fee

Third Stop: No fee

Fourth Stop: Our main suggestion is free. One optional recommendation is $10 per vehicle.

*Please note: gas, tolls, and food may be additional costs.

After booking your trip, we'll send you a confirmation email with a few recommended accommodation options.

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