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Current Update:

Please email us at with your order number if you purchased a trip before March, 2022. We can provide you with further updates if needed. We recommend avoiding travel on holidays as some businesses may be closed.

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Trip Updates

Don’t worry! If your trip isn’t listed below, it means there aren’t any updates to report.

We recommend taking these trips within 6 months of purchase, if your trip is older than that, please email us at for an updated version. Please include your order number in the email.

If you’re ready to hit the road now with an older itinerary and it’s outside of our business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm), please feel free to hop in the car! Small changes may have been made since your purchase, but we always recommend a few locations per stop, so you’re bound to find something to do!

First Stop: The Lookout listed as the last option on Stop 1 is no longer dog-friendly

This trip is now only partially dog-friendly. Bringing your pup will limit options.

First Stop: The hike suggested currently needs some repairs. The boardwalk is uneven and it can get quite buggy this time of year. We recommend a great “on the way” stop that we suggest you head to instead.

Fourth Stop: Our “SDG” suggestion is now open Friday – Sunday only. There are other things for you to choose from at this stop!

As this trip is recommended from mid-May to late-October, we will not be making any trip updates until next Spring. If you are planning on taking this trip in the off-season, please be prepared for some closures. Before driving to each recommended stop, we suggest double checking the hours on google or google maps.

Stop Four: The brewery in our “Go East” section will be closed after October 2nd. We have lots of suggestions available for you at this stop!

First Stop: There has been a slight price change at this stop. It is now $10 per Adult, $5 per Child and max $25 per Family.

Second Stop: The “grain” option is permanently closed. There are other things for you to explore at this stop!

This trip is no longer dog-friendly

Second Stop: Our brewery recommendation is now open Friday – Sunday. We recommend other fantastic spots at this stop, but if you want to hit up as many breweries as possible, we recommend going Friday – Sunday.

Third Stop: The brewery recommendation on your third stop is no longer open on Sunday. There are tons of other local gems for you to choose from!

Before You Go: We recommend departing between 8 am – 9 am if you’re coming from the GTA. If you’re coming from London please leave around 9:30 am.

Second Stop: The “over” cafe recommendation is now closed. The “corner” option is still available for all your coffee and treats needs.

Travel Tip: We recommend leaving at 8 am if you would like more of a selection of butter tarts. They sell out fast!

This trip is no longer dog friendly. Unfortunately, you will have to leave your furry friends at home for the day! 

Before You Go: Your fourth stop must be booked in advance prior to heading out on your trip. Your current QR code may be incorrect, so please follow the link here to book.

Second Stop: Our aviary suggestion is NOT open for visits anymore. There is a fabulous alternative which we know you’ll love!

Third Stop: The “water” suggestion is now closed for the season. This stop has three other recommendations available for you to choose from (already in the booklet).

Fourth Stop: The pizzeria is currently closed, but we recommend three other restaurants to check out.

First Stop: Unfortunately the bridge we mention is now private property. Please only visit our adorable cafe suggestion before heading to your second stop.

Second Stop: there is a bit of construction around the ruins! It might be easier to skip this site and head to our other suggestion on the second stop (another haunted site). If you don’t mind the gates around the ruins, it is only a 2-minute walk down the road from the other suggestion.



First Stop: The “London Route” cafe option has hours that change regularly. Please give them a quick Google before heading over to make sure they are open the day you travel.

Third Stop: If you have an older copy of this trip, the small “lake” with the windmill suggested on this stop is now closed. We have mentioned two other fabulous options for you to choose from.

Fourth Stop: The main street in this town is currently under construction. Businesses remain open, however, things may be a little dusty!

Second Stop: If you purchased this trip before May 2022, please note that the large art installation in the woods has now been removed. The artist always intended this to be a temporary piece, however all other suggestions on this stop are available!

Third Stop: The conservation area is now closed for the season, we suggest plenty of other fun things to do in the area instead.

For those with older itineraries (2021 and older), the bread stop no longer offers lunch or shortbread, but has lots of other treats to choose from.

The Lookout stop is on James Cres, not James St.

Please note: While this trip is dog-friendly, you are unable to bring your pups into restaurants, shops or breweries. If a food stop is listed this way, it will be for the patio only and when available.

First Stop: Our “London Route” suggestion is closed for the holidays until January 11th. One of our “Toronto Route” suggestions will be closed until January 13th. We have recommended another cafe/bakery that remains open.

Second Stop: Our cafe suggestion is currently closed until mid-February for a winter break. There is another “bank” option on the main street that is open from Thursday – Sunday, 9 am – 4 pm.

First Stop: There is ongoing construction in the main town of this stop – please follow the well-marked detour signs.

Third Stop: The winery suggestion on your third stop is now open, Monday: 5 pm – 9 pm / Tuesday – Sunday, 12 pm – 4 pm & 5 pm – 9 pm. This stop will do the occasional wedding, but we’ve recommended more great food options down the road.

Third Stop: The gallery we recommend is closed until further notice for renovations. The above winery and other food options are still available for you to enjoy!

Third Stop: The berry farm has an incentive – spend $25 to receive $5 off

Fourth Stop: The address at our “Kitchen & Bar” suggestion is incorrect. Please go to 31 instead of 131. If you purchased this trip after January 4th 2023, this update has been made.

Fourth Stop: Our on-the-way-out-of-town “tower” suggestion is unfortunately no longer available. Please skip this stop and opt for all of our main recommendations in town.

Please note, the updates below only apply to trips purchased prior to November 2022.

Second Stop: The Collective option is now permanently closed.

Third Stop: The lavender stop closed its doors in June. This is not the main attraction on the stop, we recommend other options nearby. The candy option is now permanently closed.

Fourth Stop: The town is very seasonal! Hours may vary from what is listed in the itinerary. The Pub listed is permanently closed.

Third Stop: The “Brew House” option is now at a new location! Please give their name a quick Google before heading over to make sure you go to the right spot.

Fourth Stop: Our “Rejected Love” Ruins suggestion IS open dawn-dusk, daily. There is an entrance and an exit to the gated parking lot so please be sure you’re pulling into the correct spot. The trailhead starts to the right of where you’ve parked. There are signs pointing you in the right direction!

The trails on this stop are closed for the winter.

The national historic site’s gift shop sometimes closes before the advertised 4pm, without notice.

Stop Four: Click Here to rent snowshoes or cross-country skis ahead of time

Third Stop: Unfortunately our cafe recommendation has decided to close after December 2022. We have also suggested a brewery across the street which serves delicious lunch!

Fourth Stop: The chocolate option will be closed until February 1

Unfortunately, we have made the decision to remove our Winnipeg Area trips. As of July 2022, everything on this itinerary is still open, however hours may have changed. Once you have opened your envelope please give our suggestions a quick Google before heading over to make sure the hours are still correct.

Fourth Stop: Our museum suggestion is temporarily closed however the grounds are gorgeous and still accessible (and the grounds are the real attraction).

Fourth Stop: The waterfall suggestion is closed for construction.

Unfortunately, we have made the decision to remove our Winnipeg Area trips. As of July 2022, everything on this itinerary is still open, however hours may have changed. Once you have opened your envelope please give our suggestions a quick Google before heading over to make sure the hours are still correct.

Unfortunately, this trip is no longer dog-friendly. Please let your furry pal at home for the day!

First Stop: The castle option is closed for the winter

*The waterfalls are best when there has been recent rainfall. In dryer months, you may not see the waterfalls at their peak*

Third Stop: Our “general store” suggestion is now closed and the “cafe” option is now temporarily closed on Thursdays. If you are travelling Friday – Sunday you will have two options.

Third Stop: Our seasonal garden suggestion will be closed for the winter months after October 31st.

Travel Tip: Depending on the day you decide to head out, our restaurant suggestions are not available between Monday -Wednesday. Please make sure you pack lots of road trip snacks or a picnic to get you through your adventure.

We have recently made small changes to this trip! If you have an itinerary from before 2022, please email us and we’ll send you an updated digital copy.

Third Stop: Our cheese shop suggestion is now closed. We have mentioned tons of other places to eat, shop, and explore.

Travel Tip: The third and fourth stops may have limited cell phone reception. Please ensure you have a screenshot or have a map downloaded when leaving the second stop.

First Stop: The first stop provides you with a few recommended attractions. Please be aware of ticks if you choose to hike on any of the trails.

Second Stop: The restaurant recommendation on the second stop may change their hours from week to week. Please Google before going over.

Third Stop: The entrance fee to the third stop is $18 instead of $12.50. Please bring your bathing suit and beach stuff if it’s a nice day!


First Stop: If you purchased this trip prior to December 15th, 2021  the “camp” cafe suggestion on your first stop will be closed. For those who have purchased a recent trip, we’ve recommended a great option for you!

Second Stop: The trail to the lookout is closed for the winter season

Third Stop: The pizzeria mentioned has permanently closed, but we recommend two other lunch options in the area!

Fourth Stop: The “Country Store” on your fourth stop is only open spring to summer (closed fall to winter).

Fourth Stop: The “brick” option is a fun family photo-op and cannot be accessed beyond the barrier.

Second Stop: Our provincial park suggestion no longer requires reservations, however, the line-up to get in has been quite long recently. We suggest another great park nearby!

Second Stop: Our farm suggestion is now closed for the season (two other great options are suggested in the booklet).

Fourth Stop: The antique shop is now permanently closed. Many other suggestions are included in the booklet.