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Current Update:

Please email us at if you purchased a trip before October, 2021. We can provide you with further updates if needed. We recommend avoiding travel on statutory holidays as some businesses may be closed.

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Trip Updates

Please note this trip is best done Fridays-Sundays.

Before You Go: Your fourth stop must be booked in advance prior to heading out on your trip. Your current QR code may be incorrect, so please follow the link here to book.

Second Stop: The second suggestion on this stop is currently closed due to avian influenza. They have not currently confirmed their date of reopening. The first option is still available!

Please email us at before heading out on this trip! This area has been affected by the BC flooding and mudslides.

If you purchased this trip before April 2022, please send us an email for an updated digital copy. We have done a little re-vamp and there are a few additional stops now!

Third Stop: The chocolate shop we recommend is now at a new address! Please Google to confirm location and hours before going over.

Third Stop: The brewery suggestion has reduced their hours at this time. Please Google to confirm before going over.

Travel tip: Between winter and spring we recommend heading out on weekends only.

First stop: The ‘family farm’ we suggest is not dog friendly. Admission fees and hours may change during the season. We recommend other dog-friendly alternatives at this stop.

Second Stop: One of the cafe recommendations on this stop is closed for renovations. The “corner” option is still available for all your coffee and treat needs.

Travel Tip: We recommend leaving at 8 am if you would like more of a selection on butter tarts. They sell out fast!


This trip is no longer dog friendly. Unfortunately you will have to leave your furry friends at home for the day! 

First Stop: We provide a few attractions at the first stop. You can only access the grounds of the school on the weekend.

Fourth Stop: The attraction will soon be under construction for about a year. You will still be able to explore by foot & snap lots of photos!

First Stop: The restaurant half is temporarily closed for our bakery and restaurant suggestion. The bakery remains open for you to grab lots of road trip snacks.

Second Stop: The attraction will soon be under construction for about a year. You will still be able to explore by foot & snap lots of photos!

Third Stop: The “bread” option on your third stop is temporarily closed. We recommend loads of other places for you to grab a bite at this stop!

Third Stop: The “pub” option is now open on Monday from 12 pm – 9 pm.

Third Stop: We recommend a few restaurants for lunch. One of the Italian restaurants might have slower service than usual due to COVID.

Fourth Stop: We include a variety of bonus stops at the fourth stop. The waterfall/dam in the ‘want to keep going’ section, is now closed.

First Stop: The first stop provides you with a few recommended attractions. Please be aware of ticks if you choose to hike on any of the trails.

Second Stop: The restaurant recommendation on the second stop may change their hours from week to week. Please Google before going over.

Third Stop: The entrance fee to the third stop is $18 instead of $12.50. Please bring your bathing suit and beach stuff if it’s a nice day!


Please note: In extreme weather with lots of snow it may be challenging to get to some of the recommended stops.

First Stop: Unfortunately the cafe suggestion on your first stop will be closed come November 28th 2021. Please send us an email for a new suggestion if purchased before this, at

Third Stop: Our BBQ lunch suggestion has a limited menu during the winter.


Second Stop: This stop includes a park that may require reservations due to Covid, especially on busier days and weekends. We have two other recommendations available should this be needed.

Second Stop: Our farm suggestion may be closed until July. Please give them a quick Google to confirm hours!

Fourth Stop: Our first restaurant suggestion changed its incentive offer in April 2022. Be sure to ask your server for the updated perk if you purchased the trip before this!

We have recently made small updates to this trip! If you have an itinerary from before 2022, please email us and we’ll send you an updated digital copy.

Third Stop: Our cheese shop suggestion is now closed. We have mentioned tons of other places to eat, shop, and explore on stop 3.

Travel tip: The third and fourth stops may have limited cell phone reception. Please ensure you have a screenshot or have a map downloaded when leaving the second stop.

First Stop: Our first suggestion on the first stop is currently closed until Spring 2022. We mention a few other great activities to start your day!

Second Stop: One of the cider stops is only open Saturday 12 pm-5 pm. There are other options for you to enjoy here!

Fourth: The brewery mentioned on “Local Brews” has decided to close on Mondays for the winter months.

Third Stop: The lavender stop will be closing their doors in June. This is not the main attraction on the stop, we recommend other options nearby. If you want to see the lavender you can visit May 21st & 22nd or June 4th and June 5th.

Fourth Stop: The town is very seasonal! Hours may vary from what is listed in the itinerary.

Third Stop: The “Brew House” option will be closed until March 2022 when they will be at a new address. Until then, their current address will be open for brew purchases to take home. Please Google before heading over to double-check hours, as they may change daily.

Third Stop: The “bird” museum is closed from December – April, however you can still walk around the beautiful grounds.

Fourth Stop: Admission has been slightly increased at one of the suggestions on your fourth stop. We have other free options for you to choose from if you would like to keep costs down.

Adults: Museum $9.00 Village $10.00 Both: $18.00

Children (5-12): Museum $5.00 Village $5.00 Both: $9.00

Fourth Stop: Many of the winery suggestions will have varying hours through the winter months. If you decide to head out between January – March, please Google these suggestions to check hours before making your way there.


Third Stop: Depending on the day you decide to head out, a few restaurant suggestions are not available between Sunday – and Wednesday. Please make sure you pack lots of road trip snacks or a picnic to get you through your adventure.

Third Stop: The garden suggestion is now closed until the spring. You can still visit this amazing stop through the fall and winter for a different surprise!

Fourth Stop: The second of our waterfall recommendations before “Want to Keep Going?” is currently closed. Please use at your own risk. The first is available!

Want to Keep Going?: The third waterfall listed in these extra recommendations is closed due to flooding on the trails. There are two other falls plus plenty of great local suggestions.

Fourth Stop: The “Country Store” on your fourth stop is now open for the season!

Fourth Stop: The “brick” option is a fun family photo-op and cannot be access beyond the barrier.

First Stop: The brewery option has changed its hours through Ontario’s restrictions and is offering take-out and bottle shop only. Wed & Thurs 4-8 / Fri & Sat 11-8 / Sunday, 11-4PM

Third Stop: Our brewery suggestion on this stop is now open Thursday – Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm. The “farm” suggestion is open for browsing goodies on Friday & Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm and Sunday, 11 am – 4 pm.

Third Stop: The “lake” suggestion on this stop is now closed. We have mentioned two other fabulous options for you to choose from.

Fourth Stop: The main street in this town is currently under construction. Businesses remain open, however things may be a little dusty!

First Stop: GTA travellers! Unfortunately, now that we’re entering the colder months, the goats on your first stop have been brought in for the winter. We recommend you head out Wednesday – Saturday to take advantage of our other suggestions!

Third Stop: The “falls” on this stop is closed until the spring for construction. We have an additional suggestion for you that works year-round!

Fourth Stop: Our “station” and “drive-in” suggestions are now closed for the winter. We have recommended a great cafe and another local restaurant which are available for take-out.

First Stop: Two of the cafes listed at the first stop have a duplicate address. Please refer to map for correct cafe locations.

Second stop: lunch is only served between May-September. There is a lot more to do at this stop, we just recommend grabbing a bite to eat before if you’re hungry.

First Stop: The “family” farm option on this stop is closed until March 2022. The first farm is still open for you to enjoy!

Fourth Stop: Our First restaurant suggestion is temporarily closed through the winter months. The Second is now open Thursday – Sunday, 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm and the Third are open Monday – Saturday, 11 am – 9 pm & Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm.

First Stop: Some shops may change their hours through the colder months as we recommend a super cute small town. Please take a moment to Google them, just in case!

Second & Fourth Stop: If you own snowshoes this is the perfect time to get them out this winter. We’ve recommended an amazing network of trails for you to enjoy. No snowshoes? Both stops are still perfectly accessible with good winter boots.

Third Stop: All wineries are open, however, their hours may change slightly during the winter months. Please do a quick Google search before heading over to make sure they are open.

Fourth Stop: The “valley” suggestion may have some flooding along low-lying trails and boardwalks. Please use caution and wear appropriate footwear. We have recommended another fabulous spot where this shouldn’t be an issue.

Want To Keep Going?: Our “ocean” dinner suggestion is now closed on Tuesday. Hours are as follows: Wednesday – Monday, 11:30 am – 12 am

First Stop: Our cafe suggestion has changed their hours for the winter. They are now open 10 am – 5 pm, Daily. If you are in the Greater Vancouver Area, we recommend leaving around 9 am if you’d like to start your day here. Otherwise, we recommend a few great outdoor activities and you can leave between 8 am – 9 am to explore these.

Fourth Stop: The “distillery” will be open Friday & Saturday, 2 pm – 5 pm through the winter. There are lots of things to do and see on this stop!

First Stop: There has been a slight price change at this stop. It is now $10 per Adult, $5 per Child and max $25 per Family.

Second Stop: The “grain” option is permanently closed. There are other things for you to explore at this stop!

Third Stop: All suggestions at this stop are now available!

If you are travelling in the winter, we recommend leaving Calgary at 9:30 between Tuesday – Saturday and around 10:30 if you are going on Sunday. Your first and second stop has updated their hours during the colder months.

Fourth Stop: The winery we suggest has decided to stay open for tastings this winter. Walk-in available Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

Second Stop: Our cafe suggestion is closed through the colder months. They are set to re-open in April 2022! We recommend a few other great outdoor activities at this stop.

Third Stop: The brewery suggestion is currently open 7 days a week for in-person dining and tasting. Their secondary location we mention has only the store through the winter months.

Fourth Stop: The “deli” is open for take-out from 4 pm – 8 pm

Fourth Stop: Our brewery suggestion is now closed until April 2022.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the third stop is no longer available in the winter months and is listed as temporarily closed. Please save your trip until later in the spring, or skip this stop if you don’t mind exploring the other envelopes.  

Third Stop: Our pre-booked suggestion is currently closed until April 17th. This is a Sunday, by-appointment-only option when open.

This trip is best taken from Spring-Fall. If you choose to head out in the winter months, there may be some closures. We recommend Monday – Saturday travel for this trip.

Second: Our first suggestion on this stop is blocked off through the winter. We have a few other great options on this stop for you to choose from!

Third Stop: Our french cafe suggestion has decided to close for the winter. They will be back in Spring 2022.

Please note: While this trip is dog-friendly, you are unable to bring your pups into restaurants, shops or breweries. If a food stop is listed this way, it will be for the patio only and when available.

Second Stop: The second stop brewery suggestion is pup-friendly from April – October on the patio only.

Second Stop: Hours are currently Friday, 11 am – 4 pm and Saturday, 10 am – 3 pm for in-store shopping. It still makes a gorgeous photo op if you’re there another day – trust us!

Third Stop: The cyder stop we recommend is pup-friendly on their winter patio. However, you cannot take them into the field with you should you choose to snowshoe.


Second Stop: Please note, that the large art installation in the woods has now been removed. The artist always intended this to be a temporary piece, however all other suggestions on this stop are available!