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Current Update:

Please email us at if you purchased a trip before June, 2021. We can provide you with further updates if needed. Depending on the province you'll be travelling in, 'Vaccine passports' may be required to dine-in at the restaurants and wineries we recommend (with take-out and patio dining being available to unvaccinated travellers). Please email us at if you have any further questions.

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Trip Updates

First Stop: One of the cafes is temporarily closed.

Third Stop: The chocolate shops we recommend has a different address now. Please verify on google or GPS before heading there. This has not been changed on our most recent version of the trip.

First stop: The ‘family farm’ we suggest is not dog friendly. Admission fees and hours may change during the season. We recommend other dog-friendly alternatives at this stop.

Second Stop: One of the cafe recommendations on this stop is closed for renovations. The “corner” option is still available for all your coffee and treat needs.

Travel Tip: We recommend leaving at 8 am if you would like more of a selection on butter tarts. They sell out fast!

Second Stop: One of the options may be closed due to COVID.

First Stop: We provide a few attractions at the first stop. You can only access the grounds of the school on the weekend.

Fourth Stop: One suggestion on the fourth stop will soon be under construction for about a year. The attraction can still be seen.

Second Stop: The attraction will soon be under construction for about a year. The attraction can still be seen.

Third Stop: We recommend a few restaurants for lunch. One of the Italian restaurants might have slower service than usual due to COVID.

Third Stop: The gallery on this stop will be closed between October 3rd and October 24th when a new exhibit will be up and running.

Fourth Stop: We include a variety of bonus stops at the fourth stop. The waterfall/dam in the ‘want to keep going’ section, is now closed.

First Stop: The first stop provides you with a few recommended attractions. Please be aware of ticks if you choose to hike on any of the trails.

Second Stop: The restaurant recommendation on the second stop has changed their hours may change from week to week.

Third Stop: The entrance fee to the third stop is $18 instead of $12.50. Please bring your bathing suit and beach stuff if it’s a nice day!


Second Stop: We suggest a cute town on this stop that has a street under construction. Things may be a bit dusty, but you will still have a great time!


Second Stop: This stop includes a park that may require reservations due to Covid, especially on busier days and weekends. Our most recent edition of the trip has a few additional suggestions. However, if you’ve purchased this trip before May 2021, please email us for an updated version with other options for the second stop.

Third Stop: Some of the ‘dine-in’ options on this stop have been getting busier Thursday-Sunday and may require reservations. Send us an email before you go, and we can provide you with a digital version of the itinerary if you would like. We also provide excellent ‘take out’ food options that don’t require a wait.

Fourth Stop: One of the four hikes we recommend involving “cliffs” may require reservations on weekends (depending on how busy they get).  We recommend three alternative hikes if it does get too busy.

Travel tip: The third and fourth stop have limited cell phone reception. Please ensure you have a screenshot or have a map downloaded when leaving the second stop.

Second Stop: One of the cider stops is only open Saturday 12 pm-5 pm. There are other options for you to enjoy here!

First Stop: One of the hike recommendations at the first stop has been a little muddy lately! We recommend bringing extra shoes OR skipping this hike (we recommend other hikes at the next stop).

Third Stop: Without wanting to give away too many secrets, the “candy” stop will be closing their doors as of August 1st at 9:00 pm. There are still lots of great options for you to choose from at this stop!

Fourth Stop: The museum suggestion on your fourth stop may be closed due to COVID. We suggest many more things to do here.

Second Stop: One of the shop suggestions on this stop is closed from September 5th – September 25th. We still recommend lots  in this cute town while the owners enjoy a well-deserved vacation!

Fourth Stop: Admission has been slightly increased at one of the suggestions on your fourth stop. We have other free options for you to choose from if you would like to keep costs down.

Adults: Museum $9.00 Village $10.00 Both: $18.00

Children (5-12): Museum $5.00 Village $5.00 Both: $9.00

Third Stop: Depending on the day you decide to head out, a few restaurant suggestions are not available between Sunday – Wednesday. Please make sure you pack lots of road trip snacks or a picnic to get you through your adventure.

Fourth Stop: The “Country Store” on your fourth stop is now closed until Spring 2022. We have mentioned other great stops in the area for you to choose from!

Fourth Stop: The “brick” option is a fun family photo-op and cannot be access beyond the barrier.

First Stop: The “Family Farm” pit-stop will be closed after Sunday, October 9th until November 12th when their Christmas Market opens for the year. This will require advance tickets, so if you would like to purchase these, please send us an email and we can give you the stop name!