Please check our COVID-19 updates section before booking or heading out on your trip. Click here.

Current Update:

As of June 11th, restaurants and shops are now open at minimum capacity. Some of the restaurants we recommend may now require reservations on busier days, but take-out is still available. Please be patient with these businesses as they navigate these new restrictions. Please check other trip updates below before hitting the road.

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Trip Updates

Fourth Stop: One of the breweries is closed until further notice. However, we've recommended quite a few other options at this stop.
Third Stop: The chocolate shops we recommend has a different address now. Please verify on google or GPS before heading there. This has not been changed on our most recent version of the trip.
Third Stop: We’ve recommended a variety of things to see and do at the third stop. Two of the ‘indoor attractions’ may be closed until further notice. There is still one great popular outdoor attraction that remains open.
First Stop: We provide a few attractions at the first stop. You can only access the grounds of the school on the weekend.
Second & Third Stop: We’ve recommended a few breweries at this stop. Beer is available for pick-up, but samples may not be permitted due to restrictions at the time. However, we've recommended quite a few excellent alternatives.
The dairy farm we recommend can no longer do tours or offer samples due to COVID.
We include a variety of bonus stops at the fourth stop. The waterfall in the 'want to keep going' section, is now closed.
Fourth Stop: One of the stops has a maximum capacity of 25 people. If it’s closed, you can still see some of the main attractions from the road. We also recommend quite a few additional stops.
Second Stop: This stop includes a park that has gotten busier lately and might be full if travelling on a summer weekend. Our most recent edition of the trip has a few additional options. However, if you've purchased this trip before May 2021, please email us for an updated version with other options for the second stop.
No updates.
Fourth Stop: One of the hikes has gotten busier on summer weekends. We've noted this in the itinerary and have provided additional hiking options.
Second Stop: One of the cider stops is only open Saturday 12 pm-5 pm. There are other options for you to enjoy here!