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What to expect

If you love a long and interesting drive, this trip is for you! This trip is approximately 5 hours round-trip from Calgary, so we recommend leaving super early or extending your stay into an overnight getaway.

Trip Highlights

Visit an iconic roadside stop

Explore historic attractions

Wander around a waterfall

Visit a ton of photo ops

Suggested for
  • Avid roadtrippers
  • History buffs
  • Overnight getaways
  • Photographers
Available to depart
This itinerary can be used anytime of the year on any day.


Stop 1

The first stop is the perfect place to start your trip. We’ve also added in a few extra road side bonus stops if you have more time. The drive time to the next stop is the longest, and will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Stop 2

Get your cameras out for this second stop. This might be one of your favourite places of the day. Drive time to the third stop is only 6 minutes.

Stop 3

The third stop offers two quick and interesting attractions that are surprisingly beautiful. Drive time to the fourth stop is 1 minute.

Stop 4

End your day at this powerful site. Soak in the history of the site and its natural surroundings. We’ve recommended quite a few bonus stops for your trip back home.

Estimated Travel Time
to First Stop

Add 3-4 hours for time spent at stops.

Add 3-4 hours for time spent at stops.


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Before you go

What You'll Need to Bring

Hiking Shoes
Outdoor Gear
Reusable shopping bags
Road Trip Snacks
Walking shoes
Additional Details
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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help!

Please see the estimated overall driving time and distances below. These do not include time spent at each stop:

From Calgary: 4 hours, 42 minutes / 448 km

From Okotos: 3 hours, 50 minutes / 353 km

From Cochrane: 5 hours, 19 minutes / 486 km

From Airdrie: 5 hours, 5 minutes / 500 km

This itinerary can be used any time of the year on any day. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, opening hours and dates are subject to change.

We recommend leaving at 8:30 am.

You can bring your pup on The Long and Unknown Road!

The trip includes patio options for when it’s warm & takeaway that work well for your pet. There will also be at least one dog-friendly activity at each stop. If you bring your furry friend, you will be unable to bring them into any indoor suggestions.

We recommend bringing up to 5 people. Some of the food stops along the way have a maximum capacity of 5 people per seating area

All of the stops can be experienced for free; however, there is an entry fee if you choose to go inside any interpretive centres along the route. As well, stops for meals, snacks, store products and/or local souvenirs will require payment.

We have included a few accommodation recommendations in the confirmation email.