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What to expect

Stay in a newly built cabin with floor-to-ceiling windows of woodland views (indoor fireplace included for colder months). You'll be staying on a farm that is shared with chickens, ducks, alpacas, sheep, one horse and a tiny bunny (bonus: you're down the road from a farm with another 100 alpacas.) Please avoid this getaway if you've taken our 'Bridges to Beaches trip.'

Trip Highlights

Two nights of pre-booked accommodation at an organic farm

7 envelopes of surprises set over 3 days

Two dinner options (dinner not included)

A few options to hang with some alpacas and goats

A few bridges that make the perfect photo op

Optional breweries, restaurants and shops

A funky beachtown with a few beaches to choose from

Suggested for
  • Couples
  • Photographers
  • Small group of friends
  • Small families with older children
  • Not Pet-Friendly
Available to depart
See dates in link OR request a date 2 months out with a $100 deposit.


Stop 1

Depending on what time you can leave home, we’ll include one or two surprise stops before checking in.  During the booking process, we’ll ask what time you’re able to hit the road on day one. This will allow us to choose how many stops you’re able to complete before checking in.

Stop 2

Check-in is anytime after 2 pm. As soon as you’ll arrive, you’ll be in awe of the uniqueness of the cabin and surrounding area. Say a quick ‘hello’ to the farm animals before settling in.

Stop 3

If you arrive on a Friday, you’ll get a chance to taste some homemade wood-fired pizza made fresh at the farm. We will also provide you with additional dinner recommendations within the area. If you indicated in the pre-trip survey, that you prefer to eat your meals in, we’ll provide you with a few of our favourite recipes and opportunities to pick up groceries on the way.


Stop 4

Forewarning, you might get woken up by the property’s rooster. We’ve provided you with a full itinerary of things to see and do in the area that will match your travel interests. The area is quite undiscovered but offers everything from waterfalls, beaches, hidden beaches and (even more) alpacas.

Feel free to do as many or as few of the recommendations we suggest.


Stop 5

Ready for dinner? We’ll have dinner reservations ready for you at a pre-set time determined by you. If you’re planning on dining in, be sure to get the outdoor fire ready for after.

Stop 6

Check-out is at 11 am the next day. We’ve included a few roadside surprise stops for your trip back home. When filling out your pre-trip survey, you’ll provide us with a set time you’ll need to be home for.

Estimated Travel Time
to First Stop


Calculate distance to the first stop

Set a starting point to estimate how far this trip is from you.

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Before you go

What You'll Need to Bring

An ice pack and cooler
Bug Spray
Fresh Fruit & Veggies (optional for feeding farm animals)
Hiking Shoes
Outdoor Gear
Reusable shopping bags
Road Trip Snacks
Additional Details
Farm Stay
Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace
Small kitchen
Woodland Views

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help!

We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but have included a few hints:

Your private cabin is located across a field and in the trees set away from the host’s space to provide optimal privacy and maximized landscape views. Inside you’ll find an indoor fireplace, small kitchen for light cooking, a bathroom, rainshower and hot water.

The whole cabin is open concept, with the main floor bed and loft-style bed above it. The cabin can most comfortably sleep two, but if needed, can accommodate up to four. Please see a picture of the bed situation for a better understanding.

Outside of the cabin is your private patio, with a campfire area and a private BBQ. You’ll be sharing the farm with ten chickens, one rooster, four ducks, four alpacas, two sheep, one horse and a tiny bunny! (oh and a bunch of barn cats!)

This getaway package includes two nights at one of our favourite accommodations in Ontario, dinner options for both nights, 7 surprise envelopes that include pre-planned and customized activities. The package comes in a pretty box that is mailed (via Xpresspost) 7-14 days prior to your departure.

The price also includes a 20% service fee that Guess Where Trips adds onto the cost of the accommodation. This helps pay for our time planning your road trip, printing, material costs, and handling and shipping your trip.

Most of the activities included in each surprise stop are free or require a minimal fee to enter.

When booking, we’ll ask what time you would like to depart and we’ll plan your first day around this. To make the most of your experience, we recommend departing around 10 am on the first day.

The selected accommodation provider does not allow pets Please contact us at if you’d like other kid or pet-friendly options.

Kids of all ages are welcome on this trip!

Please select the last option ‘request-a-date’, where we require a $100 deposit. Please select three dates at least 2 months out to ensure we have availability. The accommodation providers we work with have very few rooms and have to be booked months in advance.

If we cannot find any dates that work with your schedule, we can refund your $100 deposit.

Unfortunately, our getaways are only 2 nights. For shorter trips, we recommend  one-day surprise trips and we provide overnight recommendations via email after you book.

As soon as we receive your order, we start working on the customization of your trip. Many of the accommodations we work with also have a strict cancellation policy. Because of this, we do not allow cancellations after a booking has been made.

If you have more questions, we’d be happy to assist. If you’d like to set a time for us to call, please email us with your contact number and the best time to call. You can email us at 

Unfortunately, no coupons or ‘road trip gift cards’ can be applied to getaways.


However, we do have getaway-specific gift cards that can be applied. Please email us beforehand for us to discount this off your stay.

Approximate driving distances are listed below – this is how long it would take to drive to the accommodation (one way) and does not include time spent at stops along the way.

  • From Toronto: 2 hours and 37 minutes / 204km
  • From St Catharines: 2 hours and 55 minutes / 230km
  • From Kitchener: 1 hour and 31 minutes / 108km
  • From London: 1 hour and 43 minutes / 125km
  • From Windsor: 3 hours and 34 minutes / 307km
  • From Barrie: 2 hours and 21 minutes / 172km
  • From Kingston: 5 hours / 465km