SportChek Winter Treks are here!

What to expect

AVAILABLE TO USE NOVEMBER 19TH-DECEMBER 18TH. Whether you're cozied up at a local coffee shop, checking items off your gift list, or getting lost at a Christmas tree farm, you may very well hear sleigh bells in the snow. Note: This trip is ideal for travellers who have not done our year-round Brews, Bites & Everything Nice trip. The stops remain the same from our 2021 version of this festive trip.

Trip Highlights

A handful of adorable cafes and shops all done up for the holidays

The cutest towns with fantastic festive feels

A couple of old-fashioned Christmas tree farms to choose from

Some wintery hiking options (if you’re up for it)

A holiday farm & tasty cidery

Suggested for
  • History buffs
  • Families (we've provided many non-drinking alternatives)
  • Couples
  • Small group getaways
Available to depart
Available to depart Thursday - Sunday. Festive inclusions are available from November 19th - December 18th 2022.


Stop 1

Start your day off with a delectable holiday beverage and a secret stop. The drive time to your second stop is 25 minutes.

Stop 2

Escape to a true winter wonderland with wagon rides, cozy campfires, snowy walks and more. The drive time to your third stop is 15 minutes.

Festivities are available between November 12th-December 24th, daily

Stop 3

This adorable town is a very happy place and the perfect spot to check a few items off of your holiday shopping list. We’ve also recommended a gorgeous historic building for a quick tour and photo op! The drive time to your fourth stop is 20 minutes.


Festive decorations will be available after November 14th with a special event happening on November 19th. 

Stop 4

The last stop gives you a taste of the English countryside. We’ve also recommended another Christmas tree farm that goes all out for the holidays. With hot chocolate, a toboggan hill, trails and so much more, you’re spoiled for choice and festive feels.

Festivities are available after November 19th.

Estimated Travel Time
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Add 3-4 hours for time spent at stops.

Add 3-4 hours for time spent at stops.


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Before you go

What You'll Need to Bring

Reusable shopping bags
Road Trip Snacks
Walking shoes
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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help!

Yes! Back by popular demand, Brews, Bites & All Things Festive is here. Our suggestions are the same as 2021 to give new Guess Where Trips followers the chance to experience a fan favourite.

Included in your surprise road trip itinerary are fabulous extras to get you in the holiday spirit! If you’re feeling festive and want to follow these for the day, please check our recommended travel dates so all stops are open. If you head out on a different day, you will be able to combine these inclusions with our year-round itinerary to build the perfect adventure.

Please see the approximate driving distances below. Please note this just includes round-trip driving distances and not time spent at stops.

• From Ottawa: 1 hour and 50 minutes / 145 km
• From Kanata: 1 hour and 25 minutes / 103 km
• From Barrhaven: 1 hour and 52 minutes / 130 km
• From Gloucester: 2 hours and 00 minutes / 163 km
• From Orleans: 2 hours and 15 minutes / 178 km
• From Winchester: 2 hours and 45 minutes / 232 km
• From Gatineau: 2 hours 15 minutes / 162 km
• From Montreal: 5 hours 45 minutes / 547 km

Available to depart Wednesday-Sunday. Festive inclusions are available from November 19th – December 18th 2022.

We recommend leaving anytime between 10 am – 11 am. This trip allows you to leave a little later than our other trips because it’s so close to the city.

Unfortunately you will need to leave your fury friend at home for this trip.

We recommend bringing up to 5 people on your surprise road trip.

One of the recommendations at your first stop has a small entrance fee but we’ve provided another low-cost alternative. Everything else on this trip has no fee.

After booking your trip, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a few recommended accommodation options.