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Get out on the road and have fun but please be careful. Obey all road signs,
never drink and drive and use caution and common sense at all times. The risk
of injury can be significant, including the potential for permanent disability and
death. While particular precautions and personal discipline will minimize this
risk, the risk of personal and emotional injury, illness, physical disability, or death
does exist. Guess Where Trips Inc., its owners, officers, publishers, and agents
assume NO liability for your actions or activities as a result of recommendations
within our itineraries. You agree and acknowledge that you will do some or all of the
recommendations suggested in our itineraries with full and complete knowledge of
the risk and dangers involved, and you agree to accept and assume any and all
risks of any nature whatsoever, as well as all other risks.

Travel insurance is highly recommended, and mandatory for those traveling out-of-province.