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Toronto Gems

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One package is recommended for 1-5 people.

* PDF Instant Download will be emailed immediately after purchasing and is the entire trip in one PDF document.


Explore all of the downtown gems in a completely new way. Ditch the car, and walk or bike while you explore what Toronto has to offer. This trip is best for Toronto tourists, those new to the Toronto area, and those who are not super familiar with the Toronto core. The trip has an optional “scavenger hunt" so there is something for you to find and decode at each stop.

Trip Highlights

  • Epic eateries
  • Historical information with a few spooky stories
  • Photo-worthy stops


This trip can be used any day of the week and is best done from Spring - Fall. The third stop is closed on Sundays and Mondays (but we've provided an alternative).


  • Toronto Tourists
  • Foodies
  • History Buffs
  • Weekends Away



Start your day at a funky cafe in the city! Make that coffee a large to fuel the walking you’re about to do. Walk time to the second stop is 10 minutes.


Stroll the streets and learn about some of Toronto’s history. We’ve recommended a few hidden gems in the heart of the city to take photos. Walk time to the third stop is 7 minutes.


There’s something for everyone in your group at this next spot. Time to grab lunch and venture to our favourite park, which very few tourists (and even locals) know about. Walk time to the fourth stop is 14 minutes.


End your day with shops, food, photo ops, and more local history. If you want to keep going, we’ve recommended a great biking route to explore more gems along the Toronto waterfront!



Can depart from

Toronto Area, Kitchener-Waterloo Area, London Area, Ottawa Area

Before you go

What You'll Need to Bring

  • Camera
  • Cash
  • Reusable Shopping Bags
  • Walking Shoes
  • Water


We're here to help!

This trip is a little bit different, as we recommend walking between stops! You will be heading into downtown Toronto, and the total distance from the first to the last stop is 35 min (2.8km).

If you’re taking the train into Union Station, it is a 10 minute walk to the first stop and 25 minutes back from the last. If you drive, this will depend on where you choose to park. The website linked here will give you a good idea of where lots are, however you’ll be able to find street parking around too

This itinerary can be used any day throughout the year. The third stop is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but there is a great lunch option open!

We recommend leaving anytime between 9 am – 9:30 am. 

Unfortunately, this trip is not pet-friendly. We have other trips available where you can bring your furry friend. 

We recommended bringing up to 5 people on your surprise road trip. If you're bringing a larger group, we highly recommend having one person in charge of booking reservations at the restaurants and attractions in advance. In your confirmation email, you'll receive a copy of the itinerary.

None of the stops require an entrance fee. The cost of food, souvenirs and other purchases are at the expense of the traveller. 

We have included a few accommodation recommendations in the confirmation email.

Customer Reviews

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Get to know Toronto!

Great little walking trip. We had nice weather...not sure what it would be like in winter. Loved the scavener portion of it. Got to see some really interesting things we never knew existed.

Overall, how would you rate this trip?:
Rate how active the trip was::
Rate how accessible the trip was::
Rate how 'unique' the stops were::
Good if you don't know Toronto

My friend got me this for my birthday, I had;'t heard of it before and didn't really know what to expect. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. I've been to Toronto before for hockey and baseball games, but this actually made us walk around and see more of the city. I would say the stops were pretty obvious if you know Toronto. But I liked the scavenger hunt and that we could walk around (we don't have cars).