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Flora, Fauna & Farms

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One trip is required per group.

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This trip is no longer available.

If you already have it, be sure to check the Travel Updates before hitting the road. Interested in something similar? Check out The Taste Trail!

Trip Highlights

  • A fluffy rabbit named Hagrid and other rescued animals
  • Hidden gem wineries & breweries
  • 19th century farm museums with gorgeous grounds to explore
  • Seasonal sunflower & pumpkin festivals
  • A charming farmers market & an Instagrammable garden centre


This trip can be taken from Thursday - Monday throughout the year. We recommend a couple of seasonal activities depending on the time of year you head out.


  • Families with kids of any age
  • Seniors
  • Beer & Wine Lovers
  • Couples



Start your day with a visit to an exotic animal rescue centre! Grab a coffee & snack at one of our nearby cafe recommendations before leaving the area. Drive time to your second stop is 15 minutes.


A peaceful park, an 1800s farm with tons of photo moments or a funky garden shop. The choice is yours! Drive time to your third stop is 20 minutes.


You must be getting hungry by now! We’ve recommended our favourite local gems for you to choose from. Drive time to your fourth stop is 10 minutes.


A choose your own adventure style stop awaits. Feel like exploring a charming market, tucking into a flight of wine, or exploring another heritage park? We’ve got you covered. Bonus “want to keep going” options are included if you’re not ready to go home just yet.



Can depart from

Vancouver Area

Before you go

What You'll Need to Bring

  • Camera
  • Road Trip Snacks
  • Walking Shoes
  • Water

Additional Details

  • Accessible
  • Kid-Friendly


We're here to help!

Please see the approximate driving distances below. Please note this just includes round-trip driving distances and not time spent at stops.

  • From Vancouver: 2 hours and 16 minutes / 116 km
  • From Richmond: 2 hours / 105 km
  • From Burnaby: 2 hours and 7 minutes / 104 km
  • From Coquitlam: 2 hours / 114 km
  • From Langley: 1 hour and 43 minutes / 96 km
  • From Mission: 2 hours and 21 minutes / 116 km
  • From Abbotsford: 2 hours and 14 minutes / 108 km

This trip can be done from Thursday - Monday throughout the year. We recommend a couple of seasonal activities depending on the time of year you head out.

We recommend leaving around 10 am The later you leave the less time you may have to complete all the stops.

Unfortunately you will have to leave your pup at home for the day. There are a number of recommendations that are not pup-friendly on this trip.

We recommend bringing between 2- 5 people on your surprise road trip adventure.

First Stop: Your first stop ranges from $6-10 in admission. Twofer activities are also suggested.

Fourth Stop: None of our suggestions have an entrance/parking fee. We do recommend two optional, seasonal festivals which range from $5-17 per person if you would like to choose those when available.

After booking your trip, we'll send you a confirmation email with a few recommended accommodation options.

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The perfect distance from the city!

I am so happy to have found these destinations only an hour outside of Vancouver! I am a real history nerd so the historic homes & old farm properties really made me smile. The restaraunt suggestions for lunch all seemed top notch so it was hard to choose. Once we finally did we were DROOLING by dessert. It was all so good! I decided to end the day with a winery visit and they were right next to a farm with so many cute animals!