Flatlay of Guess Where Trips tote bag, gift card, brochure, keychain and gift wrapping.
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Add On: Gift Box + Tote + Keychain

Add On: Gift Box + Tote + Keychain

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The ultimate addition if you're gifting a road trip or gift card to someone special! Let us carefully wrap up your mailed trip in our signature gift box, along with a Guess Where Trips® tote bag and key chain.

Please note: style of keychain may vary. Gift card or trip must be purchased separately.

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Emily J
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Perfect gift

The Kids pulled together and bought The Parents one of the trips for Christmas. The add on gift box was a perfect finishing touch as a present and came in handy on their day out. My mum has mobility issues, so we selected an accessible trip, which she was able to full participate in. They had a wonderful time and we plan to purchase our own in the near future.